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Why do I feel depressed?

Q: I am a 26-year-old male. I was depressed, and was not able to concentrate on my studies at all. I consulted a neuropsychiatrist and was under medication for 4-5 years. During that time I was addicted to alcohol, too. My condition has improved a lot since then, but I still feel depressed quite often. I invent different methods to study. I study for a while and see whether or not I can continue studying. If I am satisfied I feel better, else I get depressed. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine, but at other times I feel the medicines did not prove to be very effective on me due to my alcohol consumption. I start behaving like a mad person, walking in scorching heat and avoiding people. I am currently working with a Software firm and this depression is affecting my job. What should I do?

A:Depression and excessive alcohol use often co-exist in several people. Individuals often self- medicate themselves with alcohol when depressed, and excessive alcohol consumption itself might precipitate or worsen depression. Depression often can cycle just like in your case, but is treatable. Seek help from a psychiatrist soon as treating underlying depression properly might also help you in decreasing your alcohol use. While you seek help for depression mention about your alcohol use as simultaneous treatment for excessive alcohol use may be required and could be helpful. Taking medication while consuming alcohol excessively is neither safe nor is effective as otherwise. So, please avoid this combination.


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