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Why do I cry unnecessarily?

Q: I cry very badly on even the smallest things even when somebody raises voice at me. Also, I am not able to bear it when I have a quarrel with my mother and my fiance. I cry and make it look big. Because of this, nobody cares these days if I cry. I dont know how to get rid of this nature. Trust me, when I cry, it is spontaneous or crocodile trears. Could you please help me find a solution?

A:I understand how difficult it must be for you if these crying spells are so frequent. It seems as though you attach too much significance to what loved ones may be saying to you and interpret it in a negative manner. Next time try and challenge your negative thought and remind yourself of the reality that these are people who actually care about you a lot. For example if someone says something that hurts you, instead of thinking they dont care try and recall how they might have done many other things that show they love and concern for you. Of course if it is something that upsets you and does not settle down, first distract yourself, feel a little in control and the talk it out with the person rather than crying. This will result in a better communication and allow the person to be more sensitive to your needs. Finally, if you feel that these suggestions are not helping then please consult a psychologist who can assess if there are any other issues due to which sensitive nature is creating your emotional distress.


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