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Why did my husband accuse of misbehaving with my in-laws?

Q: I am very depressed lately. I have a 3-year-old child who means everything to me. My husband is busy with his work and his parents. My parents stay in a different city and I speak to them often over the phone, but can't express my state of mind. I feel like getting away from my marriage or my life but can't do neither as that will harm my child. I am a software developer but stopped working after the birth of my child. I feel as if I am staying amongst strangers. I have always gone out of my way to adjust with my in-laws and give them happiness. But my husband accused and shouted at me for not behaving properly with them, which is untrue. It seems that his mother complained to him of this. I tried to talk to him but he refused to believe me. I have been married for 7 years and after all these years, I have to hear something like this. What should I do?

A:In marital relationships, there are highs and lows, and you need not react to them strongly. One episode does not define the whole relationship. More so, in a marriage the basic communication between the partners hold the key to happiness. I suggest you and you husband should work on communication, spend time with him , and share your feelings and thoughts with each other. Take a break together, and don't let the daily hassles affect you.


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