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Why am I unable to take part in extra-curricular activities?

Q: I am a 19 year old; I am average in studies and don't take part in any extra activities whether it be sports, debates or anything but after it is all over it circulates in my brain that I should have taken part in it but still if same opportunity is offered to me again, yet I am not able to get involved in it as there is a fear in my mind that I will be humiliated. This type of defect is in my personality since my school days. I get afraid on little matters and not able to live socially as I want. I want to become good in everything. All my classmates excel in most things - sports, cultural activities, studies. Also I have been told that engineering is of no use without them. I am ashamed of myself. Please help me out in order to produce the strength required to take part in any activity.

A:Your letter sounds as though you have little self-confidence, and perhaps you are also anxious and fear that if you try social things you will fail. The first thing to do is to seek out a counselor at school, if one is available. That person can get more information about your feelings about yourself, and either counsel you or help you get to the proper person. The problem does not sound serious, and you can certainly be helped, but you must seek a counselor, in school or outside. Do not struggle alone.


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