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Why am I unable to make friends and why does everybody hate me?

Q: I am a depressed housewife. My husband is a businessman who is always away from home. I have a little daughter. From childhood itself I have not been good at making friends and even if I do, the friendship does not last too long. I am short tempered and even my relatives hate me. I feel very sad about this. I have a good husband who loves me a lot and is supportive. But still I have not been able to make friends with his fiends wives. I am from South India so my language is not good and this acts as a barrier for me. I am scared for my daughter. What should I do?

A:For some reasons (which one can attempt to flush out of the subconscious through analyses), you appear not to love yourself. In this mind-set, everyone else is okay and faultless because you see yourself as the not-good-enough-to deserve-the love you are getting (from your husband, and others). So, you find yourself in a hole which you say you want to get out of, but actually don't!! A game you enjoy playing with yourself. With such intentions, every interaction you have with others becomes one more way to prove to yourself why you were right in thinking that person hates or dislikes you. It is a catch-22 situation with myriad reasons and ramifications. You need to consult a good counsellor.


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