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Why am I unable to concentrate on my studies?

Q: I am not able to concentrate on my studies like before. Sometimes I feel that I am not an intelligent person. Due to this I am unable to study further. While reading I feel I will not be able to understand some things but after reading it twice or thinking on it, I am able to understand most of the times. The day before my exam I feel it is easy but the next day I feel it is not so. I am not able to give proper time to all my subjects. My family feels that I should give time to personality development, but I am not able to give time to studies. What is problem with me? Can you please help me?

A:There are some details that are missing in your question that need to be taken into account for a comprehensive reply. For instance what are you studying and since when have you been having these difficulties? Also, are there any other life stresses that you may be experiencing that could be leading to this difficulty. However, with what you have shared it appears that you may need to lower the general level of stress. Start by incorporating relaxing and enjoyable activities into your schedule. Try and exercise as that relieves physical and mental stress. Then organize your studies and set aside specific times to study with brief breaks built in. Do not try and fit in too much and keep your goals reasonable. If there is something else that may be bothering you, first address that and then get back to your studies. Try this approach, it should help.


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