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Why am I so obsessive about my looks?

Q: I am a 21 years old female. I take good care of myself. As a result, whenever something happens to my hair, skin or any other body part, I keep thinking about it. When I try diverting my mind to work, I get severe headache and feel highly stressed out. How do I handle this situation?

A:First of all, find out more about your problem and try answering the following:-

  1. Does it happen only once?
  2. How much are your bothered about it?
  3. Does it happen in other areas of life too?
  4. What kind of a person are you?

One can challenge these thoughts, by asking self what is the importance of it? You are at the age where being aware of one’s look is a natural phenomenon, but if it is obsessive in nature, than only worry about it.
I would suggest you to visit a good psychiatrist or a psychologist to get to bottom of this problem. Once you know it is just a natural part of being young and not a disorder, thinking about looks may not worry you.
Good luck.


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