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Why am I so lazy?

Q: I am 19 years old boy studying in an engineering college. The problem with me is that I am very lazy. If I want to do something in a given period of time, never in my life have I succeded in doing that. These things have created a lot of negative feelings in me. If I am asked to do a particular task, I feel that I won't be able to that and I don't know what to do. My father being a head injury patient since 1990 can't assist me. I can't share my problems with anyone. I seriously want to become something in life. Please advise me on how I can get rid of my laziness? I have tried a lot of things but have failed all the time.

A:Lazy is a useless word, because it does not tell us the cause of the person not accomplishing what they should or desire to do. The cause may be that the person thinks they SHOULD do something to please another person, but it is not something they really want to do themselves. Another reason may be that the task makes the person tense and anxious; I wonder if I can really accomplish such a difficult task? That may lead to a fear of failing; but if you dont even start the task, if you don't try it, you can't fail; you just accomplish nothing. A simple procedure to follow: 1. Do I REALLY want to do this task? If you do, 2. Estimate the time needed; then double it, to be realistic. 3. Decide on WHEN you will start it. If it is too complex to do at one time, schedule the time to continue it until done. 4. Decide on what you will NOT get done because you are devoted to this task. Another approach; in which category does the task fit: A. Important and urgent (Must be done immediately) B. Important but not urgent (Schedule it as suggested above) C. Not important but urgent (If you do it now, is it to avoid doing something important?) D. Not important and not urgent (Should you remove it from you list?)


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