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Why am I not able to sleep well?

Q: I am a 37 years old man who hardly gets sleep. Please note I have no tension nor do I take any. The only tension is I have no sleep. Please advise.

A:Its not uncommon that many individuals with sleep problems do not have any other problems and the sleep disturbance leads to frustrations and worry about the consequences of not getting enough sleep. We call this as primary insomnia. There are medications, which might be beneficial in such case. In addition, good sleep hygiene and other behavioural techniques known as sleep restriction and stimulus control might be helpful. Sleep Restriction means to restrict your time in bed to the actual time that you feel you are sleeping but keeping it more than 5 hours and Stimulus Control means avoiding any other activity in the bed/bed room other than sleep and intimacy, having a set time to wake up and going to bed when you are sleepy. If you do wake up in the middle of night and can't fall back to sleep within 20 minutes, getting out of bedroom and going into another room, however, keeping yourself calm and quite not involving in any activity which might activate you physically or emotionally but can do some thing boring (reading old newspaper or a boring book) and then going to back to bedroom when you are sleepy. Hope this helps.


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