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Why am I more connected to my friends than my family?

Q: I am 28 years old. My mother is a cancer patient from the past 3 years. My father got mentally weak due to this. I studied away from home for 8 years but I keep coming home due to my mother's illness. Hostel life has made me strong mentally. Previously I was very shy, but now I have been able to get rid of that. In my long journey of life, I only have one best friend and 2-3 other friends. I feel very little for my family, but I strongly feel for my best friend. My mother is on her death bed, any day might be her last day. But I still don't cry for her. My best friend got married recently, since then I feel very lonely. I always miss my friend, but I don't miss my family. Is there any problem with my psychology?

A:Sometimes in life we come across people with whom we feel connected may be because they understand us or provide us with a sense of security which we are unable to get from our own kins. It is not necessary that we have a blood relation with that person. It seems in your case that probably this friend of yours did the same for you and more so at a time when you were away from your family. However, you need to understand that your friend might not be spending the same amount of time with you but that doesn't mean that he/she does not feel for you. Because you are undergoing a lot of stress in your life it is natural for you to feel the way you do. Try and spend some time with your friends. Talk to them and don't hesitate in taking their help when you need.


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