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Why am I jealous of my friends and relatives?

Q: I am a 25-year-old married female. I seem to have a very weird problem. I am jealous of all my close friends and relatives. I don't feel like talking or even looking at them. It is not that they are in a better position than me or are better looking or more happier than me. I have everything in life that one could ask for. A very loving husband, home, education, job, etc. But I can't help being jealous of others. At times I feel very envious for no reason and the next moment I am back to being normal. I also get very angry and feel very irritated without any reason. When I get such bouts I don't talk to my husband for a day or two. My husband has to go through a lot because of my erratic behaviour. Initially I thought I had an inferiority complex and the erratic behaviour was the outcome of that. I have tried working on that but to no use. It is getting worse day by day and I am tired of this. Please advise.

A:Mood swings can be secondary to various reasons. They can signify a thyroid disturbance or personality traits or a mood disorder. It also depends since how long are you having the anger outbursts / irritability, and are you able to correlate these to real external circumstances? I would suggest you to chart your mood on a daily basis and look at any emerging patterns. Also it would be advisable to take the guidance of a Psychologist in stabilising your mood, if this does not help, do not hesitate to visit a psychiatrist to consider medications.


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