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Why am I having a problem with directions while travelling?

Q: I am a 45 years old man having a problem with directions. After a short journey or under mental pressure I often fail to understand, which direction I am coming from or where to go? When I am emotional, my whole body trembles like anything. I am also suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) since childhood. I am taking Omeprazole and Udihep. Please suggest.

A:That seems to be pretty strange isn't it! Failing to detect from which direction you have been coming. Let us see - are you saying that your mind actually goes blank and you are not able to think clearly for brief periods. Is this associated with sweating, difficulty breathing, heart going faster, drying of mouth, feeling of impending doom, feeling as if you may get lost, butterflies in the stomach, feeling very nervous. If you have some or many of the associated symptoms - how long these symptoms last for - few minutes or few seconds. What precipitates these feelings? Since how many years are you having these experiences? Have you met a Psychiatrist for this? This all may in fact be related to panic attacks or anxiety disorder and can be controlled effectively with behavioural modification and medications. I would suggest you to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.


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