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Why am I feeling dizzy?

Q: I am a 31 years old male feeling dizziness for the last one month. Earlier I feel some heaviness in my head. Sometimes, I also feel breathing problem. I did these tests - blood, sugar, KFT, lipid profile, heart TMT and other necessary test, but all the reports are normal. Why am I feeling dizzy?

A:It is very common to have dizziness, by which we usually mean a feeling of blackout or a sensation that "I may become unconscious". Some may also mean vertigo (chakkar). At your age, it is uncommon to have dizziness for a month continuously without any other problems / symptoms. Although the fact that you dont take holidays from work is praiseworthy, it also reflects the fact that you may be stressed with your work. Screen exposure for more than few hours without adequate rest for eyes, excessive coffee, inadequate sleep, excess driving, continuous airconditioning etc are common reasons that may cause dizziness in some people. Many a times there may be abnormal neurological findings upon a physical examination done by a qualified Neurologist, hence it is best to get examined by one. You can get the reference through NDTV or a net search.


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