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Why do I feel numbness at night?

Q: I am a 27 years old male who had cannabis (bhang). After that I feel numbness at night while sleeping. I consulted a doctor, who gave some medicines saying that it will be all right after a week. But it continued for more than 20 days. I have undergone blood and urine tests and vitamin B12 test. But all tests were normal. But three days back, I again experienced the same feeling (numbness at night) and it lasts for two days. Now everything is fine. Why am I having numbness at night?

A:These effects are not described as common adverse effects of Bhang (cannabis).

However, street drugs like Bhang, like many other drugs legal and illegal, can cause or precipitate reactions in human body which could be unpredictable and dangerous. They may also aggravate preexisting diseases like psychiatric abnormalities, fits, headaches etc. and impair the ability to think normally.

In your case, the symptoms suggest a panic reaction which is known to be associated with bhang consumption. You may want to consult a neurologist / psychiatrist if the symptoms persist.


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