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Why am I experiencing pain after teeth lamination?

Q: I am a 43 years old female who got her 14 teeth laminated three months back. They were sensitive to cold, though no pain but there were wide gaps between the teeth. After lamination my teeth became sensitive to cold and hot and I am experiencing pain. The doctor says the pain is psychological. And now he has refused to treat me. I visited another doctor who told me it requires root canal and cap which will cost Rs. 10-12,000. He also said that after a certain age, because of wear and tear, sensitiveness is not curable. I have already spent a lot for the treatment.

A:If the sensitivity does not subside by conservative means then you may have to go in for root canal treatment especially when associated with pain. Laminates should be used very judicially but in our quest for beauty we tend to ignore the health aspect & resort to indiscriminate use of laminates even where not advised. Having already paid him so much you can try to talk to the previous dentist again.


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