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Why am I angry on seeing my parents having sex?

Q: I am 18 years old. The other day I saw my parents having sex. Now, I cannot get the image out of my mind and I keep on getting angry. They say it is a normal thing for married couples and they are my parents, so no harm. Is it okay to be angry at such a thing and please tell me why is it important in marriage?

A:Your reaction is understandable. For many of us this can be a tumultuous experience, which perhaps leaves one feeling confused. However, it is important to understand that every relationship has its own meaning, expectations and definition. It has it own characteristics and essentials. Sex is an integral part of a marital relationship that gives meaning to it. A lot depends upon our perception of it. How we perceive sex in our own mind would determine our view of it. Thus, we parallel it to something that is bad, immoral or negative our reaction would also reflect the same. But if it is viewed as something natural and as a basic human need I guess our reactions would be much more contained and accepting of it.


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