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Which is the best medicine for anxiety?

Q: I am suffering from panic anxiety disorder and frequently get irritated on petty issues. I have tried non-medicinal therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which did not give good results. I am have been advised to take Lonazep SOS 0.5 mg. However, it is not helping. What is the best medicine for this problem?

A:First of all, I am not sure of your diagnosis based on your brief description. In a typical panic anxiety individual is very anxious with extreme dread usually of death or something going wrong. Several of them are concerned that there might be something physically wrong with them. They could get irritated but it is not a major concern. In your case it seems like your irritability is a major concern and it seems like it happens even at petty situations. This could happen in several conditions including depression, bipolar or other impulse control disorders. However, you will require a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to sort out this and the treatment depends on the final diagnosis. So, I suggest that you see a psychiatrist who can evaluate you and then prescribe medications based on the final diagnosis.


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