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Which artificial teeth are better?

Q: Broken teeth have left empty spaces, which my doctor said is important to be filled by artificial teeth. I left them as it is and now after 2 years my doctor says it is too late for 2 of the spaces to be closed. Does that mean I will have some complications due to this? She has advised me to go for immediate closing of other empty gaps. She says there are two options - a steel like tooth costing 1800/- each, and the other one of teeth colour costing 3600/-each. I am confused for which I should go and is there a third alternative for the time being which is lower than this since the total budget comes to around 15000/-? I am just 24 and I dont smoke and am good at oral hygiene. Is my tooth problem of decay due to the tongue tied situation with which I was born and is still there?

A:Your problem is not related to tongue-tie. It is probably due to the fact that you did not get the teeth replaced in time. Whether to go in for 1800/3600 is your choice - funtionally both are the same, with a cosmetic difference in appearance.


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