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Whether or not to wear spectacles

Q: When I was 37 years old I had headache and occasional blurred vision when working on computers. The eye-specialist who saw me said that my eyes were okay but I needed a +0.25 spectacles for near vision. I started using spectacles, and put up a screen-filter on the computer monitor, but after a year as my computer work became less I was not very comfortable with my specs. So I stopped using them. Now I am forty and facing slight discomfort while reading very small letters or cutting my nails. My question is this: can this habit of using specs off and on damage my eyesight in future? Can I rely on my natural feeling and use the specs when I feel like it?

A:You are developing Presbyopia which requires correction with glasses for reading. Initially, there is no harm in wearing glasses only when the need is felt. Periodic checkups to ensure that the glass power is most appropriate is a must and glasses may have to be worn more often.


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