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Where can I get the drugs Tegrital and Eptoin from?

Q: I have been suffering from a rare genetic disease called paraxysmal kinesogenic dystonia. I have been using Eptoin and later Tegrital for its treatment as prescribed by the neurologist at CMC. The medicines are affective. The problem is that now I have to leave for USA in a few weeks. From where can I get these drugs as I wont be having any insurance pretty soon? So getting the required drugs will be a big problem. My question is that whether the drug Tegrital is available off the counter? What should I do if these drugs are not available over the counter?

A:Eptoin is the brand name; the name of the medicine is phenytoin sodium. Similarly Tegrital contains carbamazepine. I suggest you buy the Epsolin brand of phenytoin sodium made by Cadila Healthcare that costs Rs. 70 for 100 tablets along with required quantity of Tegrital and take them with you to USA. If more supplies are needed your family member/friend can just mail the same to you in America. Insurance will not solve your problem because of exclusion clause for disorders that existed before a cover is taken out.


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