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When do the milk teeth fall?

Q: My son is 5 years old. I adopted him at an age of 2.1 years. During adoption only his upper front teeth were broken (decayed), yellowish, half-grown (as if it was from birth like that). Now his other development is very good. He is now 21 Kgs and 119 cms and is a jolly healthy child. My question is when his milk-teeth will fall and permanent teeth will come out, will those be normal? Do I need to take some care from now on so that the permanent teeth come out well? Please let me know urgently.

A:The milk teeth will fall at about 5-6 years and new teeth will be not affected by this. However, it is suggested to give good dental care, brushing twice daily and avoiding sweets for future protection. The detailed instruction on children dental care can be seen on www.nohcpaiims.org.


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