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When can I plan a pregnancy after a CMV infection?

Q: I was pregnant 10 months ago. When I took an ultrasound in my 13th week, the doctor said that I have a case of blighted ovum and underwent D & C. I was advised to wait for 3 months before my next pregnancy. When I travelled to India my gynaecologist in India suggested me to take a TORCH panel test. It was found that CMV was positive, which they said was the cause of my missed abortion. I was advised to repeat the same test when I went back to Zambia. I took the test last month and found that all were negative. I was advised to repeat the same test this month again and then plan for pregnancy. Can I plan a pregnancy if the test tuns out to be negative? Will I be attacked again in future pregnancy? What precautions should I take?

A:To the best of my knowledge, CMV is not the cause of the blighted ovum you had. Whatever the results of the tests for CMV you underwent, these should NOT deter you from becoming pregnant again. The best prevention during pregnancy consists in avoiding close contact with young children. I wish you all the best.


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