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What to do when one is unable to concentrate?

Q: I am from Bangalore and doing my post graduation. Sometimes I feel as if my mind is off so that I cannot pay attention to my work or to what people are saying. Sometimes I feel isolated and my mind forces me not to talk to others. Could you please advise.

A:It is very normal and natural for everybody to be a little off minded at times. It is just a way to remind you that you need some time to yourself everyonce in a while. Though everyone needs human company most times, it is not abnormal to want to be alone. If you feel this particularly while studying then it just means that you need to take a short break after a marathon studying session. When you experience such a feeling , respect it and do something by yourself. It could be something as simple as taking a walk or going shopping. Spending some time with yourself can be very rewarding and is not antisocial as some people may have you believe. Enjoy your company and stop worrying about it.


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