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What to do when one does not have any control over laughter?

Q: I have a friend with a somewhat unusual and incredible problem. It is his habit of not having control over laughter when he is not supposed to laugh. By nature he is a shy person that is one thing I know about him. Otherwise he is a perfectly normal, sensitive, intelligent and dignified person. He is at present doing a job is married has children and attends all his duties most responsibly. But for this habit he is the most mature and ideal person I have ever known. The disturbing part about his laughter is that he laughs when he is not supposed to. This is when he is attending a company meeting, visits a sick person or meets someone at funeral or at any like place where he is supposed to be serious. This is not always but you can say 70% of such occasions. I once had a heart to heart talk with him when he agreed that it was unhealthy but with great conviction he swore that it was not intentional but that it occurred because he could not control his laughter and the more he tried to control the more embarrassment it created for him and others as well because the laughter would simply not stop but would increase and he would giggle giving others the wrong impression that he was enjoying some ones misfortune or sorrow. What advise would you give him?

A:It sure is an unusual problem that your friends experiencing. As he has mentioned that it is not intentional one may guess that he is uncomfortable in such situations. Sometimes one is not sure how to deal with difficult situations and laughing is almost like a nervous reaction that he may have. One advice that may help him is to try and think of the gravity of the situation that he is in and the likely impact of this on the people around him. If he fails to empathise then he can try and recall some incident in his life where he might have felt a negative emotion and this should help him be more sensitive to the situation.


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