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What to do if there are gaps in the teeth?

Q: I am 31 yrs old and have a probelem with my teeth formation. The teeth at 8/7 in the upper row and 5/6 in the lower row have some gaps in them. Due to the gaps in the teeth, food particles are stuck and cause great incovenience. I fear if it continues, it may lead to decay of teeth. I met a dentist who advised that there is no remedy (like LC filling) for this as the teeth formation is such. He suggests that I go in for grinding. He also advised that if grinding does not work, then going for some other alternative (he mentioned some technical word which I do not know). Please advise what is the remedy to cover these gaps in the teeth?

A:You need to be examined to find out the problem and suggest treatment options accordingly. Seemingly you have three options: 1. To leave it as it is and floss the area every day to keep it clean; 2. Get composite filling or porcelain inlay to create contact; 3. Get crowns made restoring the contacts, but it is a radical option.


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