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What should I do to regularise my periods?

Q: I am 28 years old and suffering from polycystic ovaries. I have gained a lot of weight and have lots of hair on my face. I also have irregular periods. The doctor prescribed me to take Overall contraceptive pills for three months continuously. Also, I was asked to keep my weight under control by proper diet. Five months after stopping the medicine, my periods have become irregular again. What should I do to regularise my periods? Also, how should I get rid of my excess weight and facial hair?

A:You will need to be on the pills for longer than three months. Also, you need to test for insulin resistance and blood sugars, and go for another medicine called metformin, in case they are abnormal. For weight reduction, you can join a weight loss programme of group exercise, and a diet chart of a 1000 kcal, reducing diet made by a dietician. For facial hair, there are medicines too -Diane, or spironolactone, but these have to be prescribed by a trained gynaecologist and need follow-up. Waxing, threading and/or laser treatment can take care of the existing hair, while the medicines will reduce new hair formation. Polycystic ovary syndrome needs regular follow-up and patience.


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