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What should I do to regain my peace of mind?

Q: I am a 38 years old male and have lost all interest in life. I am afraid of murders, humiliations, robbery and other crimes happening in the society these days. I don't feel like going for a vacation for the fear of being clicked by a hidden camera. I also feel that my sister, daughter, wife and mother are not safe on the road, bus, office etc. I am not comfortable with my peers as well. I feel that they are more intelligent than me. My wife has just completed her MBBS and I feel that she is more intelligent than me. Because of all this and much more, I am always tense and keep on fighting with my wife. I try to protect her from the world but she says that she feels suffocated. My temperament has changed a lot. I get angry for no reason and start throwing away things without realising that this might hurt others. I have even hurt myself in a fit of anger. What should I do to regain my peace of mind?

A:You are right, things are not going right and you would best do with help as soon as possible. What you have been able to report is indeed demonstrative that you recognise that you are not experiencing things right and are getting unduly suspicious and angry and scared. These experiences are not in keeping with the factual situation and indeed are just your own thoughts. These thoughts are turning slowly into fixed beliefs such that they have started affecting your behaviour and emotions. However, there is nothing to despair. These experiences do happen to certain individuals and if treated, as soon and as recommended, can really disappear and you can start gaining control of your irrational thoughts and emotions and behaviour. In fact, these days there is availability of wonderful medicines, which if taken for recommended time periods, can ameliorate the problems with negligent side effects. I would recommend you to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible and be able to discuss all your fears with him/her such that they can commence the medication and please take the medication as prescribed to see any changes in your mental state. There are also support groups available but really depends upon which city you are based in and definitely your psychiatrist can advise you regarding that too.


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