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What is wrong with my vision?

Q: I am 30 years old. The vision in my left eye is 6/36 from birth and in the right eye is 6/18 with power 2.75. Earlier it was 0.25 with 6/9 vision. My doctor told me that my vision is now 6/9 with a cylindrical power of 4.25 with. He told me that I have cataract in both my eyes. Please suggest?

A:It is important to know the present vision in your left eye and the power of glasses in that eye. Cataract present from birth with no other eye problem does not require any treatment if the vision is same for the past 30 years. In case the increase in glass power is due to an increase in the density of cataract, your eye specialist will suggest the latest cataract surgery known as phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lens to improve your vision and reduce your dependance on glasses. The left eye is not likely to get vision better than 6/36, if it has been 6/36 since childhood. Nevertheless, if the density of cataract increases it can also be operated to restore vision.


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