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What is the treatment for teeth broken due to an accident?

Q: Six years ago I met with an accident and broke half of my 2 front teeth of the upper jaw. They were permanent teeth hence there are no chances of re growth. As suggested by my dentist, they have become completely dead. They have started breaking down further, but I still feel sensations in my roots. What treatment should I undergo? I haven't taken any treatment previously. Can I get artificial teeth implanted in its place? Do they look like original teeth? What precautions will I have to take if I do so?

A:It is possible to treat the affected teeth by root canal treatment and prepare crowns (caps) on them. In case these are beyond repair and completely mutilated these may have to be extracted and you have three options then; 1. Fixed Partial Denture (Bridge) by taking support from adjoining teeth. 2. Removable partial Denture (Plate) type 3. Get two implants at extraction site and get crowns build on them. Your Dentist would be the best person to suggest the options after examining you. The artificial replacement can be made to look quite natural, of course with limitations.


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