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What is the treatment for exophoria?

Q: I am a 20 years old boy suffering from exophoria. What is the treatment for exophoria? The doctor suggested some exercises to me and said if it does not improve then go for a surgery. Will my eyes become completely normal?

A:Exophoria means latent divergent squint in which one or the other eye tends to diverge when you are tired or not concentrating. This causes you to work your eye muscles extra hard when you are doing close work and that gives you headache after some time. Initially eye exercises like trying to focus on the tip of a pencil or finger while holding it close, helps. If the degree of exophoria is marked then surgery will help which usually involves operation to strengthen the eye muscles which are weak. This is a straight forward operation for eye specialist after which brain takes over to keep the eyes straight. The good thing about exophorea is that it signifies that both eyes are working properly most of the time in terms of vision. In other words, if it happens to children, they will NOT develop lazy eye.


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