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What is the treatment for diarrhoea during pregnancy?

Q: I am 26 years old and 27 weeks pregnant. Since the last month I am suffering from loose motions. Initially, for a week I passed stools 12-14 times in a day. I was then admitted to the hospital, where I was administered Ringer's lactate, dextrose and normal saline for four days as the movement of fetus had reduced. After a few days, my loose motion came down to 4-5 times, but never stopped. Then I consulted an allopathic gynaecologist, who advised me to take metrogyl. I did not get any relief after taking the medicine. I am a doctor myself, but am really worried since the loose motions are affecting my baby. I am now just drinking more water and taking no medication. What is the treatment for my diarrhoea, such that my fetus is not harmed?

A:Metrogyl contains metronidazole. Its use during the first three months of pregnancy is prohibited since it reaches the fetal blood circulation. Also, its safety has not been determined. Even otherwise it is to be used only if the diarrhoea is either due to infection with amoeba, giardia or certain specific bacteria. Most diarrhoeas are due to viruses which are self-limiting; if in doubt stool should be examined.


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