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What is the success rate of retinal detachment surgery?

Q: My father is suffering from an eye disease for which he underwent surgery 2 months ago. The problem was diagnosed as profound visual impairment of the left eye, moderate visual impairment of the right eye, complicated cataract in the left eye, full thickness macular hole of the right eye, total rhegmatogenous retinal detachment with PVR of the left eye and systemic hypertension. The operative procedure used was lensectomy, vitrectomy, belt buckling, membrane peeling, endo-laser, trans scleral cryo and silicone oil injections in the left eye. What is the success rate of retinal detachment? How many days does he have to wait for full vision? He is using powered glasses and the power was increased. From the past two months his vision has only sited colour paper but no lettering. Was the operation a success or a failure?

A:Whenever retina fully re attaches the surgery is successful. The visual recovery is variable in every case, the visual recovery takes 3-6 months and is never the same as before the detachment. In cases of PVR the visual recovery is limited since the retina is detached for a long time and the nourishment has been affected. The risk in PVR is that the PVR can reappear and lead to redetachment in 10-30%.


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