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What is the reason for excess growth of fetus?

Q: My 32 years old pregnant wife is due for delivery after four months as per her LMP. The doctor had done the third ultrasound and the result showed: BPD-77.5 mm, FL-62.0 mm, AC–277 mm, HC–281 mm, Cervix-3.5 cm. General impression: single alive intra uterine gestation of gestational age 31 weeks. The doctor told us that there is an excess growth of the baby by 3 weeks and my wife can give birth to the baby a month before. She had also done an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) - 75 gm glucose and the blood glucose after one and a half hours was 116 mg/dl, which was normal. The weight of the baby is 1.7 kg. If my wife is not diabetic and all the other parametres are fine, then how could there be an excess growth of 3 weeks? Please advise.

A:Your ultrasound report shows that your baby is large for gestational age. There could be many reasons for the same. For e.g. wrong dates, constitutionally large baby (when either or both parents are heavy built) or gestational diabetes. Since your oral GTT is within normal range, your dating has to be confirmed with your first ultrasound and your pregnancy and foetal growth needs to be followed with serial ultrasounds.


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