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What is the reason for constant giddiness inspite of no stress?

Q: A few months back, while at office, I felt sudden giddiness so was taken to a cardiologist, who did an ECG and said there is nothing wrong. He prescribed Stugeron. Later, I visited an ENT specialist who got my brain MRI and audiogram etc. done and found that everything was okay. I then went to a doctor in Medicine who recommended a total body check up including various blood tests and scans but there was nothing abnormal detected. The last doctor asked me to take Vertin 16 thrice a day, which I was doing for the past 10 days or so. Now, for the past 2 days, I have stopped taking that too. I have been feeling giddy for the past 2 days and have difficulty in getting up in the morning. Though the doctors have said this could be a stress-related issue, there is no perceptible stress in either my personal or professional life that I can think of except this dizzy feeling itself. This dizziness is making it difficult for me to concentrate at work and causing anxiety. For the past 2 months or more, the giddiness has persisted almost everyday for some time at least. Kindly help.

A:Per your description it looks more like physical rather than stress related - however more comprehensive history and examination might be helpful. Some of my thoughts - 1. If the giddiness starts when you get up in the morning and you feel better when you lie down - it could be orthostatic hypotention (blood pressure drops when you stand up) - could be result of medications/underlying medical condition/dehydration, etc OR benign positional vertigo (feel dizzy in certain positions) - no obvious physical cause but not related to stress and gets better with certain exercises. 2. If you have other symptoms of anxiety - such as episodic excessive anxiety, nervousness, fear, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing OR persistent worry - your dizziness may relate to stress. In any case you should get a second opinion to rule out physical causes for persistent dizziness. Hope this is helpful.


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