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What is the reason behind feminisation?

Q: I would like to know regarding feminisation. I have seen a lot of such people on the road side asking for money and I am hesitant towards them. But after watching a telefilm about them, I have started pitying them. We pardon a murderer in the court, but we do not consider feminised individuals as normal people despite the fact that it is no fault of their own. What is the reason behind feminisation? Does a male change to female or female changes to male? At what age does this occur? What kind of body changes take place? Do body changes cause mental change or mental changes cause bodily changes in a person? What is the future of such people? What prompts such people to behave like women?

A:What you have mentioned is not very clear. There are some types of possibilities. Some people have a gender identity disorder, in which they are distressed with self gender, and want a change, and undergo the surgery to live as the oppsite gender. Then there are people born with transexuality, in which there are genetic errors, because of which the gender development is partial, with characteristics of opposite gender as well. Also there are cross dressers, who like to dress the opposite sex. Either way, empathy should replace disgust, and as a society we need to be sensitive.


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