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What is the importance of femur length during pregnancy?

Q: Is it possible to know from an ultrasound whether the child in the womb in his/her 8-month stage is going to be short or tall in height after birth? What is the role of femur bone in this aspect? What steps can be taken in case if the child is short? Is there any special technique or medicine for proper growth and to increase the height? Assuming that all natal care is taken of during pregnancy. Please advise.

A:Femur length or the length of the thighbone is an index of fetal growth in the uterus. In the last three months of pregnancy, the longer the bone, the longer is the length of the baby at birth. It is not an index of the final growth of the adult. A good nutritious diet and adequate amounts of rest and sleep are enough to achieve the growth potential of the unborn child. In a few pregnancies, extra care may be required. The Obstetrician would be the best person to decide on these factors. No medication can enhance the height.


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