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What is the foot care in diabetes?

Q: My diabetes was detected 23 years before. Since then, I started taking oral medicines, later changed to insulin upto 58-60 units (Human Mixtard). Then in 1998 I underwent CABG for triple blockage. There after the diabetologist changed to tablets, which I am still taking with minor changes as per the advice of the specialists of MV diabetics of Chennai. Now my problem is in my feet. Loss of sensation, occasional blisters near the left foot toes, tingling sensation causing disturbance in sleep for more than 3-4 hours. Excruciating pain at different points in my feet at different times which comes in quick intervals. I am applying Diafoot cream regularly.

A:It appears that your symptoms may be due to diabetic neuropathy i.e. the involvement of nerves by diabetes. Of course, in view of the history of heart disease, blood vessel involvement also needs to be ruled out. It is most important to good care of your feet, since there is some loss of sensation. Wear cotton socks, comfortable sports shoes, wash your feet twice daily, don't allow the feet to dry by applying coconut oil, and by meet your doctor whenever you have any blister or redness in the foot. Do not smoke. Drugs are available for the pain in the feet; if local medications do not work these are useful. Please ask your physician for further help.


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