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What causes low blood sugar levels?

Q: I am 73 years old, weigh 63 kg and my fasting blood-sugar level ranges between 114 and 131 mg/dl. The PP level is usually low (lower than 130). I understand that that low PP values depend on the meals taken at that time. I am not sure about this! But I am intrigued to know how the PP value could be lower than the 'fasting' unless available blood sugar in the body is utilised in the process of digestion? I am not taking any medicine for blood sugar.

A:Normally insulin is secreted by pancreas matches the fine tuning of blood sugar; when pancreas does not sense the blood sugar normally and when sugar rises more than required, it produces more insulin than a normal pancreas should, hence blood sugar falls. It is considered a prediabetic condition and treatment is small frequent meals containing less refined carbohydrates, exercise, stress and weight reduction. This may be a normal feature for some healthy individuals also, but mechanism remains the same.


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