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What is the cause for my irregular periods?

Q: I am 27 years old and have been married for 9 months. After marriage I noticed that I have an irregular menstrual cycle. I get it between 31 to 46 days. My last period I got 2 months ago and after that its over 56 days and I haven't got it still. I have been getting pain in my lower and sides of the abdomen this month (a pricking sensation), a slight ache in my breasts and for the past two weeks a slight vomiting sensation early in the mornings. I went in for a checkup on the 56th day and the doctor, after a thorough pelvic checkup, told me I was not pregnant but I missed periods due to a hormonal imbalance. According to her the eggs are getting formed but not ovulating, so to check that she asked me to take a tablet(medroxyprogestrone acetate tablets) to get my periods and then I have to report for a checkup on the 3rd day of my period so that a blood test can be taken. I am not sure whether I can take the medicine and I don't understand the situation too. So can you please help me?

A:You should have taken this medicine. In any case you appear to be having polycystic ovaries and you may have a tendency to delay your periods now onwards which is harmful considering long term health. You may have to take regular medroxy-progesterone acetate twice a day for 5 days every month. Go back to your doctor because she is giving you the right advice and follow her treatment.


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