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What is the cause and treatment for social phobia?

Q: My 13-year-old son has been showing symptoms of social phobia and anxiety disorder for the past five years. Recently, we took him to a doctor, who prescribed him Rexipra 5 mg for 15 days and also advised behavioural therapy. He is in the seventh standard and very talented, but unable to speak with strangers. He avoids mingling with strangers and feels very nervous in the classroom due to this problem. I have a few questions: 1. Will he need to take this medicine throughout his life? 2. What needs to be done to avoid medicines? 3. Why did he have this problem? 4. Will homeopathic medicines help? 5. Is this problem serious? 6. Can I explain the problem to him through discussion to improve his confidence?

A:I would answer your questions pointwise:

  1. No, medications are not needed life long.
  2. Behavioural therapy by an expert needs to be added, and the decision on whether or not to continue medication needs to be made by the treating doctor.
  3. Chemical changes that cause anxiety, and the psychological and environmental factors all have a role to play in anxiety disorders.
  4. I would not know about homeopathy.
  5. It is not about medical severity, but more about quality of life, and that is why anxiety disorders need to be cured.
  6. Yes, talking helps. You can take guidance from an expert.


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