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What is Manic depressive psychosis?

Q: I was having a psychiatric problem diagnosed as manic deppressive psychosis(maniac episode in July 1997). I was admitted to a clinic for about a week and was on leave for a month. Since then I am taking lithium 400mg 1-o-1 till last year with nitrosun 10mg or largactil 100mg for sleep. Right now I get some false memories almost instantaneous of immediate past (which is about 2-3 hrs back or so) which I call hallucinations and get confused of the actual reality for some time. I am very lazy and I am doing paper work in a corporation but I am able to do my job properly. The hallucinations last for few hrs and I forget them. I am not taking any drugs or alchohol but I smoke around 20-25 cigatrettes per day. I am taking risnia 2mg 0-0-2, largactil 100mg 0-0-1, oleanz 5mg 0-0-1 and zolpid 10mg 0-0-1. Kindly advise me what should I do? I normally get good sleep and take rest at home in free time. I have got a paunch and feel mild breathlessness after climbing stairs.

A:Manic depressive psychosis is an illness with remissions and relapses. One should follow up regularly even when one is free of symptoms as and when the doctor calls. You should consult your doctor immediately to diagnose the current problem and appropriately treat it. You should also take your medicines regularly because that minimises relapses.


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