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What is better - implantation or a bridge?

Q: I am 24 years old and have been advised by my doctor to remove my milk tooth. Now, I want to implant a tooth in place of that tooth. What is the procedure for tooth implantation? What is duration of implantation and the cost structure? If not implantation, can I go for a bridge? I want two tooth bridges i.e. one in the place of the milk tooth and another for support. Is this possible?

A:You can go in for an implant or a bridge. An implant does not involve the neighbouring teeth but the procedure is more expensive, lengthy and possibility of rejection is there. Generally speaking a metal screw is surgically inserted in the area of the missing tooth & left for 3 months to ensure acceptance by the surrounding bone. Thereafter a tooth restoration is built up on the screw. A bridge takes support from the adjacent teeth and requires support from both sides of the missing tooth i.e. when a single tooth is missing, you need a 3-unit bridge. A 2-tooth bridge as you have mentioned may not be a good idea.


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