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What do hands get numb during pregnancy?

Q: My 31 years old friend is 6 months pregnant and she is experiencing numbness in both her hands, starting from the middle index finger moving to the whole hand. She also feels needle-point pains and is unable to move her hands. What is the problem with her? Why she is experiencing this? She has a thyroid problem too, for which she is taking medications regularly. Will this affect her delivery?

A:The symptoms reported are suggestive of carpal tunnel syndrome where the median nerve gets pressed in the wrist region. To confirm she would need nerve conduction study easily available in any big hospital. Those with hypothyroidism are more vulnerable. Since she is pregnant I would recommend a cock up splint rather than drugs. In this her wrist is kept slightly stretched upwards with the palm in downward position; use it as often as practical. Depending on the extent one may require a minor surgery to decompress the nerve.


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