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What causes watering of eyes?

Q: I am a 20 years old male weighing 63 kg. For the last few months, I found my eyes wet when I wake up in the morning. I am presently living in the UK for the past couple of months where temperatures are quite cold in the mornings. Moreover, I also smoke around 5-8 cigarettes a day. My eyes also become wet when I blink them a few times and my right eye is slightly more watery than my left eye. It does not happen throughout the day but definitely in the mornings and about 4-5 times in the day. One more thing I have noticed is when I wake up in the morning there are a few dry particles outside my eyes probably formed due to the watering. What causes watering of eyes?

A:This is not serious and is not going to affect your eyes or sight. Although your eyes are watering it is due to dry eyes where the nature wants to lubricate your eyes by excessive watering on exposure to cold wind or temperature. Wash your eyes with clean water if and when it feels like burning or gritty.


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