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What causes recession of gums?

Q: I am a 25 years old man whose teeth are badly damaged. I visit a dentist every six months. The dentist cleans my teeth but my teeth do not remain clean for more than 2 weeks. What causes recession of gums? Is this a big problem? I have a gap between my upper teeth. Is it advisable to close them now? Is there any medicine or tablet for healthy teeth? Please suggest.

A:If the surface of the teeth is rough and pitted then it can gather deposits. Sometimes it is hereditary and requires repeated professional attention. If the person suffers from gum disease there can be recession of gums. This needs to be examined and to be treated by a gum specialist. Closing the gaps is not always possible, especially if the gaps are natural and inborn. However, some of these gaps can be managed by filling in the upper interior teeth to improve the appearance. However, it can only be assessed upon clinical examination. There is no specific medicinal gel or tablet available for welfare of the teeth. Any pharmaceutical preparation can only be prescribed depending upon the condition of the teeth assessed by the dentist.


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