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What causes heavy menses and abdominal pain?

Q: My 31 years old wife has a bulky uterus and has been experiencing very heavy periods for the last four years. She is also a diabetic. She has taken treatment but there is no improvement. She experiences continuous pain around her lower abdomen. The doctor has asked her to do some exercises and avoid lifting load etc. She is a housewife and has to perform various activities at home. I have learnt that removal of uterus through surgery is also an option. Is it safe to remove uterus through surgery?

A:You need to have an abdominal and transvaginal scan as well as a pap smear and an endometrial bioppsy to locate the cause of heavy menses. Is it a fibroid/adenomyosis/infection/ovarian cyst/ a hormone imbalance. Depending on the cause the treatment is suggested. For uterus that is enlarged and having tumor- surgery may be necessary- however, if it is a hormone imbalance or infection- medicines may work to control the bleeding and the added anemai.


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