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What causes complications in a root canal treatment?

Q: I recently had root canal treatment (RCT). The dentist told me that it is painful and required local anaesthesia. He tested the injection in my eyes for any reaction after he was satified he injected the medicine. Seconds after the injection, I felt like vomiting and I thought this was probably due to nervousness. But immediately after that I felt as if heart was sinking. I tried to stand up and walk but lost consciousness. After I regained my senses, I saw doctor pumpng my heart and another doctor gave me an intravenous injection after which I was o.k. When the doctor started RCT I had a lot of pain and the whole day I felt drowsy. My question is: a) What could be the possible reasons for this as the dentist asserted that it was not due to overdose? b) Does it mean that in future I wont be able to take the same injection? c) Is there any alternative to this injection as this is the most imoortant thing in any dental procedure?

A:After reading your account, I am sure that the problem you had was not due to an allergy but while giving injection, by mistake the needle went into one of the blood vessel which caused it. Though uncommon, this may happen to anybody, even very experienced doctors. Though there is a process to check whether the needle is in a blood vessel or not, it is not 100% foolproof. Do not panic as your doctor has not tried to give an an overdose or a wrong drug and this situation may arise anywhere. You should be thankful to the doctor for the care provided in emergency. If your doubts persist you can get the allegy test done for this medicine at some allergy clinic. I would also like to mention that in case you are allergic to this drug, alternate drugs are available.


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