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What are the precautions to be taken during pregnancy?

Q: My 32 years old wife is pregnant since last month only. What are the precautions we should take? What kind of healthy food and exercise required for my wife? Can we have sexual relationship during this period? If yes, what kind of precautions we should take for this? Can she travel by air during pregnancy?


  1. Eat nutritious food, drink safe drinking water, avoid alcohol, smoking (you and your husband), avoid going to crowded places (to prevent respiratory infections), sleep for 8 hours at night, do not do manual work like lifting heavy weights (buckets of water etc), travel by bus or car, wear comfortable foot wear with flat heels to avoid falls, do not take medicines without consulting doctor, have regular check up with doctor, and plan to deliver in a hospital.

  2. Eat enough cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables - greens (spinach etc.) and yellows & reds (pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots), 3 big glasses of milk daily. Actual amount can be calculated only after examining you. Exercise depends upon examination findings (gynaecological examination) and state of pregnancy.

  3. It is best to avoid physical relationship in first 3 months and last 10 weeks. Even in between, it depends upon presence of any complicating factors during pregnancy. Avoid oral sex and breast stimulation.

  4. She can travel by air at present. However, if she has excessive vomiting and flight is long, she may require some medicines before and during flight, and also some companion with her. I suggest you consult an experienced gynaecologist for complete examination and further appropriate advice.


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