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What are the causes of painful adhesions after a caesarean?

Q: My wife underwent a caesarean section four months ago. She complains of pain in her abdomen. The doctor, after an ultrasound examination said that everything is alright and the pain may be due to the development of post-surgical adhesions and will take its own time. The pain becomes acute and my wife feels the formation of gas in her stomach. What are these adhesions? What are the reasons for their formation and how can these be cured?

A:It is 5 months since C-section was carried out. The adhesions are due to sticking of intestines, Omentum (fat), get stuck to each other or to the scar of operation. This naturally happens in 10% of patients after surgery. The pain normally reduces and disappears in few months time. If signs of intestinal obstruction develop, Laparoscopic adhesiolysis is done. I usually prescribe Jonac rectal suppository once or twice a day depending on the severity of pain.


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