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The girl I love, refused my proposal, what should I do?

Q: I am 24 years old. I am in love with a girl who was my college mate. We were very close as friends and after 2 years the friendship turned into love from my side. I expressed my love to her and tried to convince her about the seriousness of my love many times. But she didn't accept my proposal and the matter affected me for 3 years. Physically she is fatter than me and we are of the same height. She has a better job than mine. I guess those were the reasons for not accepting me. The problem became more intense as my friends started teasing me and my confidence level became low. I tried to forget her but couldn't because of my friends and I didn't want to lose the friendship with her. I am smart and handsome boy with a good academic record. I know I can get a better looking girl than her but not of her character. Please give me a practical solution instead of telling me to forget her?

A:The important issue here is - do you want to move on, or stay on? Relationships do evolve over time-even ones with our closest family members such as parents, let alone friends. Since this girl has repeatedly refused your offers, yet you continue to pursue her, it smacks of chauvinism to some extent. Do not do this, otherwise you will not only lose her friendship but also your own self esteem.


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